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[in-deks-lingk] /ˈɪn dɛksˈlɪŋk/

verb (used with object), Chiefly British Economics.
(def 25).


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  • Index-linked

    [in-deks-lingk] /ˈɪn dɛksˈlɪŋk/ verb (used with object), Chiefly British Economics. 1. (def 25). adjective 1. (of wages, interest rates, etc) directly related to the cost-of-living index and rising or falling accordingly adjective pertaining to a financial instrument whose value is adjusted according to the cost-of-living index or another economic indicator (also applied to prices, wages)

  • Index mineral

    index mineral A mineral that forms only under specific pressure and temperature conditions, and that therefore provides information about the metamorphic history of the rock in which it is found. The minerals kyanite, andalusite, and sillimanite are examples of index minerals.

  • Index-number

    noun, Statistics. 1. a quantity whose variation over a period of time measures the change in some phenomenon. noun 1. (statistics) a statistic indicating the relative change occurring in each successive period of time in the price, volume, or value of a commodity or in a general economic variable, such as the price level, national […]

  • Index of industrial production

    noun 1. (in Britain) an index produced by the Central Statistical Office showing changes in the production of the primary British industries

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