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headquarters of an Indian agent.


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  • Indian-agent

    noun 1. an official representing the U.S. government in dealing with an Indian tribe or tribes. noun 1. an official who represents the US or Canadian government to a group of North American Indians

  • Indian-almond

    noun 1. a Malayan tree, Terminalia catappa, having edible seeds, planted widely in the tropics as a street tree.

  • Indianapolis

    [in-dee-uh-nap-uh-lis] /ˌɪn di əˈnæp ə lɪs/ noun 1. a city in and the capital of Indiana, in the central part. [in-dee-an-uh] /ˌɪn diˈæn ə/ noun 1. Robert (Robert Clarke) born 1928, U.S. painter of pop art. 2. a state in the central United States: a part of the Midwest. 36,291 sq. mi. (93,995 sq. km). […]

  • Indianapolis-500

    noun 1. a 500-mile oval-track race for rear-engine cars having particular specifications, held annually in Indianapolis, Ind.

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