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Indian reserve

See reservation (sense 4)


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  • Indian-rice

    noun 1. the wild rice plant. noun 1. an annual erect aquatic North American grass, Zizania aquatica, with edible purplish-black grain 2. the grain of this plant

  • Indian rope-trick

    noun 1. the supposed Indian feat of climbing an unsupported rope

  • Indian-runner

    noun 1. one of a breed of domestic ducks.

  • Indians

    [in-dee-uh n] /ˈɪn di ən/ noun 1. Also called American Indian, Amerind, Amerindian, Native American. a member of the aboriginal people of America or of any of the aboriginal North or South American stocks, usually excluding the Eskimos. 2. any of the indigenous languages of the American Indians. Abbreviation: Ind. 3. a member of any […]

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