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Also called purree, snowshoe. an orange-yellow color.


Read Also:

  • India-paper

    noun 1. a fine, thin, opaque paper made in the Orient, used chiefly in the production of thin-paper editions and for impressions of engravings. 2. . noun 1. a thin soft opaque printing paper made in the Orient 2. another name (not in technical usage) for Bible paper

  • India-print

    noun 1. a plain-weave cotton fabric from India with brillantly colored block-print designs, or a fabric resembling this. noun 1. a colourful cotton fabric, with a block-printed pattern, made in India

  • India-rubber

    noun 1. 1 (def 1). 2. a eraser. 3. a overshoe. noun 1. another name for rubber1 (sense 1)

  • India-silk

    noun 1. a soft, lightweight fabric constructed in plain weave, woven chiefly in India.

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