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[in-di-goh] /ˈɪn dɪˌgoʊ/

noun, plural indigos, indigoes.
a blue dye obtained from various plants, especially of the genus Indigofera, or manufactured synthetically.
(def 2).
any of numerous hairy plants belonging to the genus Indigofera, of the legume family, having pinnate leaves and clusters of usually red or purple flowers.
a color ranging from a deep violet blue to a dark, grayish blue.
Also called indigo-blue, indigotic. of the color indigo.
noun (pl) -gos, -goes
Also called indigotin. a blue vat dye originally obtained from plants but now made synthetically
any of various tropical plants of the leguminous genus Indigofera, such as the anil, that yield this dye Compare wild indigo


1550s, from Spanish indico, Portuguese endego, and Dutch (via Portuguese) indigo, all from Latin indicum “indigo,” from Greek indikon “blue dye from India,” literally “Indian (substance),” neuter of indikos “Indian,” from India (see India). As “the color of indigo” from 1620s. Replaced Middle English ynde (late 13c., from Old French inde, from Latin indicum). Earlier name in Mediterranean languages was annil, anil (see aniline).


A kind of marijuana (1990s+ Narcotics)


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