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Indirect fracture

indirect fracture in·dir·ect fracture (ĭn’dĭ-rěkt’, -dī-)
A fracture, especially of the skull, that occurs at a point other than the point of impact or injury.


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  • Indirect-free-kick

    noun, Soccer. 1. a free kick from which a goal cannot be scored until after the ball has been touched by at least one player other than the kicker.

  • Indirect hemagglutination test

    indirect hemagglutination test n. See passive hemagglutination.

  • Indirect-initiative

    noun 1. a procedure in which a statute or amendment proposed by popular petition must receive legislative consideration before being submitted to the voters.

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    [in-duh-rek-shuh n, -dahy-] /ˌɪn dəˈrɛk ʃən, -daɪ-/ noun 1. action or procedure. 2. a roundabout course or method. 3. a lack of direction or goal; aimlessness: His efforts were marked by indirection and indecisiveness. 4. deceitful or dishonest dealing. /ˌɪndɪˈrɛkʃən/ noun 1. indirect procedure, courses, or methods 2. lack of direction or purpose; aimlessness 3. […]

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