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[in-dawr, -dohr] /ˈɪnˌdɔr, -ˌdoʊr/

occurring, used, etc., in a house or building, rather than out of doors:
indoor games.
adjective (prenominal)
of, situated in, or appropriate to the inside of a house or other building: an indoor tennis court, indoor amusements

1711, from within door (opposed to outdoor); the form indoors is first attested 1799 in George Washington’s writings.


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  • Indoor-baseball

    noun 1. softball played indoors.

  • Indoor hockey

    noun See floor hockey

  • Indirect-discourse

    noun 1. discourse consisting not of an exact quotation of a speaker’s words but of a version transformed from them for grammatical inclusion in a larger sentence. He said he was hungry is an example of indirect discourse.

  • Indoors

    [in-dawrz, -dohrz] /ɪnˈdɔrz, -ˈdoʊrz/ adverb 1. in or into a house or building: We stayed indoors during the storm. /ˌɪnˈdɔːz/ adverb, adjective 1. (postpositive) inside or into a house or other building

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