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noun, Electricity.
a transformer for producing high-voltage alternating current from a low-voltage direct current, consisting essentially of two concentric coils with a common soft-iron core, a primary coil with relatively few windings of heavy wire, and a secondary coil with many turns of fine wire. Excitation of the primary coil by rapidly interrupted or variable current induces high voltage in the secondary coil.
a transformer for producing a high voltage from a low voltage. It consists of a cylindrical primary winding of few turns, a concentric secondary winding of many turns, and often a common soft-iron core Sometimes shortened to coil
induction coil


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  • Induction cooking

    noun a cooking method involving heating cookware with magnetic energy, either by a special stove coil or specially designed cookware that uses an alternating magnetic field to generate heat rapidly

  • Induction-furnace

    noun, Metallurgy. 1. a type of electric furnace used for melting a charge of scrap by the heat produced by its own electrical resistance.

  • Induction hardening

    noun 1. a process in which the outer surface of a metal component is rapidly heated by means of induced eddy currents. After rapid cooling the resulting phase transformations produce a hard wear-resistant skin

  • Induction-heating

    noun 1. a method of heating a conducting material, as metal in a furnace, by using electromagnetic induction to establish a current in the material. noun 1. the heating of a conducting material as a result of the electric currents induced in it by an externally applied alternating magnetic field

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