of, relating to, or involving electrical induction or .
operating by :
an inductive machine.
of, relating to, or employing logical :
inductive reasoning.
Embryology. eliciting the action of an embryonic inducer.
serving to ; leading or influencing (usually followed by to).
Contemporary Examples

Absent a clear answer, Obama has, in effect, asked the country to infer his goals by inductive reasoning.
Joy Behar Was Right Jeff Shesol July 28, 2010

Historical Examples

inductive observation is the great instrument of discovering important truths.
A Logic Of Facts George Jacob Holyoake

The method of the Hippocratic writers is that known to-day as the ‘inductive’.
The Legacy of Greece Various

Individualism has been a much misunderstood thing, be it a social movement or a logical condition of inductive thinking.
The Will to Doubt Alfred H. Lloyd

What does it profit a man to discover The inductive Method and to lose his own soul?
The Lost Art of Reading Gerald Stanley Lee

As to static and inductive influences from lightning, it is evident that steel towers can give no protection.
Electric Transmission of Water Power Alton D. Adams

It was not, and could not have been, arrived at by any inductive reasoning.
The Works of Edgar Allan Poe Edgar Allan Poe

Why may we not consider the several “steps” of the inductive lesson as occurring in a definite and mutually exclusive sequence?
How to Teach George Drayton Strayer and Naomi Norsworthy

The second step in inductive reasoning is the making of an hypothesis.
Your Mind and How to Use It William Walker Atkinson

I have simply pursued the inductive process of reasoning, for which we are indebted to the immortal Bacon.
Armadale Wilkie Collins

relating to, involving, or operated by electrical or magnetic induction: an inductive reactance
(logic, maths) of, relating to, or using induction: inductive reasoning
serving to induce or cause
a rare word for introductory
(biology) producing a reaction within an organism, esp induction in embryonic tissue

early 15c., from Old French inductif or directly from Late Latin inductivus, from induct-, past participle stem of inducere (see induce). As a term in logic, from 1764.

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