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[in-doo-rey-shuh n, -dyoo-] /ˌɪn dʊˈreɪ ʃən, -dyʊ-/

the act of indurating.
the state of being indurated.



See lithification

late 14c., from Old French induracion “hardness, obstinacy” (14c.) or directly from Medieval Latin indurationem (nominative induratio) “hardness (especially of the heart),” noun of action from indurare (see endure).

indurative in·du·ra·tive (ĭn’də-rā’tĭv, -dyə-)
Relating to, causing, or characterized by induration.

induration in·du·ra·tion (ĭn’də-rā’shən, -dyə-)


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