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Industrial diamond

a small often synthetic diamond, valueless as a gemstone, used in cutting tools, abrasives, etc


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  • Industrial-disease

    noun 1. (def 1). noun 1. any disease to which workers in a particular industry are prone industrial disease in·dus·tri·al disease (ĭn-dŭs’trē-əl) n.

  • Industrial-engineering

    noun 1. engineering applied to the planning, design, and control of industrial operations.

  • Industrial-espionage

    noun 1. the stealing of technological or commercial research data, blueprints, plans, etc., as by a person in the hire of a competing company. noun 1. attempting to obtain trade secrets by dishonest means, as by telephone- or computer-tapping, infiltration of a competitor’s workforce, etc

  • Industrial-estate

    noun, British. 1. industrial park. noun 1. (Brit) another name for trading estate US equivalent industrial park

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