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[in-i-las-tik] /ˌɪn ɪˈlæs tɪk/

not ; lacking flexibility or resilience; unyielding.
Economics. relatively unresponsive to changes, as demand when it fails to increase in proportion to a decrease in price.
Compare (def 6).
not elastic; not resilient
(physics) (of collisions) involving an overall decrease in translational kinetic energy

1748, from in- (1) “not, opposite of” + elastic. Figurative use attested by 1867.


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  • Inelastic-scattering

    noun, Physics. 1. a scattering of particles due to an inelastic collision that also changes their wavelengths and phases.

  • Inelastic supply

    Supply whose percentage change is less than a percentage change in price. For example, if the price of a commodity drops twenty-five percent and supply decreases by only two percent, supply is said to be inelastic. (See elasticity.)

  • Inelegance

    [in-el-i-guh ns] /ɪnˈɛl ɪ gəns/ noun 1. the quality or state of being ; lack of elegance. 2. something that is or ungraceful.

  • Inelegancy

    [in-el-i-guh n-see] /ɪnˈɛl ɪ gən si/ noun, plural inelegancies. 1. .

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