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Inertial observer

a hypothetical observer who is not accelerated with respect to an inertial system. Newton’s laws of motion and the special theory of relativity apply to the measurements which would be made by such observers


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  • Inertial-platform

    noun, Navigation. 1. self-contained navigational devices used in inertial guidance, along with their mounting.

  • Inertial-system

    noun, Physics. 1. a frame of reference in which a body remains at rest or moves with constant linear velocity unless acted upon by forces: any frame of reference that moves with constant velocity relative to an inertial system is itself an inertial system. noun 1. a frame of reference within which bodies are not […]

  • Inertial-upper-stage

    noun 1. a U.S. two-stage, solid-propellant rocket used to boost a relatively heavy spacecraft from a low earth orbit into a planetary trajectory or an elliptical transfer orbit. Abbreviation: IUS.

  • Inertia-reel seat belt

    noun 1. a type of car seat belt in which the belt is free to unwind from a metal drum except when the drum locks as a result of rapid deceleration

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