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[in-ik-spuhg-nuh-buh l] /ˌɪn ɪkˈspʌg nə bəl/

incapable of being taken by force; impregnable; unconquerable.
a rare word for impregnable1

late 15c., from Latin inexpugnabilis “not to be taken by assault,” from in- “not” (see in- (1) + expuglabilis, from expugnare (see expugn).


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  • Inexpungible

    [in-ik-spuhn-juh-buh l] /ˌɪn ɪkˈspʌn dʒə bəl/ adjective 1. that cannot be , erased, or obliterated; inextirpable. /ˌɪnɪksˈpʌndʒɪbəl/ adjective 1. incapable of being expunged

  • Inextensible

    [in-ik-sten-suh-buh l] /ˌɪn ɪkˈstɛn sə bəl/ adjective 1. not ; incapable of being extended or stretched. /ˌɪnɪkˈstɛnsəbəl/ adjective 1. not capable of extension

  • In-extenso

    [in eks-ten-soh; English in ik-sten-soh] /ɪn ɛksˈtɛn soʊ; English ɪn ɪkˈstɛn soʊ/ adverb, Latin. 1. at full length. /ɪn ɪkˈstɛnsəʊ/ adverb 1. at full length

  • Inextinguishable

    [in-ik-sting-gwi-shuh-buh l] /ˌɪn ɪkˈstɪŋ gwɪ ʃə bəl/ adjective 1. not extinguishable: an inextinguishable fire. /ˌɪnɪkˈstɪŋɡwɪʃəbəl/ adjective 1. not able to be extinguished, quenched, or put to an end adj. c.1500, from in- (2) “not” + extinguishable (see extinguish). Related: Inextinguishably; inextinguishability.

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