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[in-ek-stri-kuh-buh l, in-ik-strik-uh-] /ɪnˈɛk strɪ kə bəl, ˌɪn ɪkˈstrɪk ə-/

from which one cannot extricate oneself:
an inextricable maze.
incapable of being disentangled, undone, loosed, or solved:
an inextricable knot.
hopelessly intricate, involved, or perplexing:
inextricable confusion.
not able to be escaped from: an inextricable dilemma
not able to be disentangled, etc: an inextricable knot
extremely involved or intricate

early 15c., from Latin inextricabilis “that cannot be disentangled,” from in- “not, opposite of” (see in- (1)) + extricare (see extricate). Related: Inextricably.


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