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[in-fuh n-see] /ˈɪn fən si/

noun, plural infancies.
the state or period of being an ; very early childhood, usually the period before being able to walk; babyhood.
the corresponding period in the existence of anything; very early stage:
Space science is in its infancy.
Law. the period of life to the age of majority, 21 years at common law but now usually 18; minority; nonage.
noun (pl) -cies
the state or period of being an infant; childhood
an early stage of growth or development
infants collectively
the period of life prior to attaining legal majority (reached at 21 under common law, at 18 by statute); minority nonage

late 14c., from Anglo-French enfaunce and directly from Latin infantia “early childhood,” literally “inability to speak,” from infantem (see infant).

infancy in·fan·cy (ĭn’fən-sē)


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