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noun, Psychology.
a disorder appearing in children before the age of two and a half, characterized by lack of interest in others, impaired communication skills, and bizarre behavior, as ritualistic acts and excessive attachment to objects.

infantile autism n.
A severe disorder of childhood characterized by withdrawal, preoccupation with fantasy, language impairment, and abnormal behavior, such as ritualistic acts and excessive object attachment. Also called Kanner’s syndrome.


Read Also:

  • Infantile cortical hyperostosis

    infantile cortical hyperostosis n. A painful thickening of membrane surrounding soft bone tissue, especially in the mandible, the clavicles, and the shafts of long bones, following fever and usually appearing before six months of age and disappearing during childhood. Also called Caffey’s disease, Caffey’s syndrome.

  • Infantile digital fibromatosis

    infantile digital fibromatosis n. See recurring digital fibroma of childhood.

  • Infantile eczema

    infantile eczema n. Eczema in infants.

  • Infantile fibrosarcoma

    infantile fibrosarcoma n. A rapidly growing but infrequently metastasizing fibrosarcoma that usually appears on the extremities in the first year of life.

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