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[in-fek-tee, in-fek-] /ˌɪn fɛkˈti, ɪn fɛk-/

a person who has been , especially with a disease.


Read Also:

  • Infected abortion

    infected abortion n. Abortion complicated by infection of the genital tract.

  • Infection

    [in-fek-shuh n] /ɪnˈfɛk ʃən/ noun 1. an act or fact of ; state of being . 2. an with germs of disease, as through the medium of insects, air, water, or clothing. 3. an agency or influence. 4. an disease: Is this infection very dangerous? 5. the condition of suffering an infection. 6. corruption of […]

  • Infection-exhaustion psychosis

    infection-exhaustion psychosis n. A psychosis that occurs following an acute infection, shock, or chronic intoxication.

  • Infection immunity

    infection immunity n. Relative immunity to severe infection by a particular pathogen as a result of a chronic low-grade infection induced earlier by the same pathogen. Also called premunition.

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