Inferior mesenteric plexus

inferior mesenteric plexus n.
An autonomic plexus that is derived from the aortic plexus, surrounds the inferior mesenteric artery, and branches to the descending colon, sigmoid, and rectum.

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  • Inferior mesenteric vein

    inferior mesenteric vein n. A vein that is the continuation of the superior rectal vein at the brim of the pelvis, ascends to the left of the aorta behind the peritoneum, and empties into the splenic vein or into the superior mesenteric vein.

  • Inferior oblique muscle

    inferior oblique muscle n. A muscle with origin from the orbital plate of the maxilla, with insertion into the sclera between the superior and lateral rectus muscles, with nerve supply from the oculomotor nerve, and whose action directs the pupil of the eye upward and outward.

  • Inferior oblique muscle of head

    inferior oblique muscle of head n. A muscle with origin in the spinous process of the axis, with insertion into the transverse process of the atlas, with nerve supply from the suboccipital nerve, and whose action rotates the head.

  • Inferior ophthalmic vein

    inferior ophthalmic vein n. Any of the veins that originate in the lower eyelid and empty into the angular vein.

  • Inferior-ovary

    noun 1. Botany. an ovary positioned below the receptacle of a flower, as in members of the iris family.

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