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Inferior thalamic peduncle

inferior thalamic peduncle n.
A large fiber bundle emerging from the anterior part of the thalamus in the ventral direction.


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  • Inferior thalamostriate vein

    inferior thalamostriate vein inferior thal·a·mo·stri·ate vein (thāl’ə-mō-strī’āt’) n. Any of the tributaries to the basal vein that drain the thalamus and striate body and exit through the anterior perforated substance.

  • Inferior thyroid vein

    inferior thyroid vein n. A vein that is formed by veins from the isthmus and lateral lobe of the thyroid gland and the plexus thyroideus impar, terminating in the left brachiocephalic vein.

  • Inferior vein of eyelid

    inferior vein of eyelid n. Any of the tributaries of the superior ophthalmic vein draining the upper eyelid.

  • Inferior vein of vermis

    inferior vein of vermis n. A vein that runs along the lower surface of the vermis, ends in the straight sinus, and drains part of the cerebellum.

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