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A bot that serves as a common database of information (often noteworthy URLs) for users on a chat system. Infobots often have a simple chatbot interface, responding to key-phrases, as well as to direct queries.
Here, in a real conversation, the bot Purl’s first response is triggered by the phrase “just tell me”, and its second response is triggered by being directly asked “perlfunc?”: eesh
can someone tell me what: $num9 = substr($number,9,1); means Tkil
eesh — man perlfunc, look at “substr”. eesh
just tell me purl
Didn’t your momma ever tell you, “Go look it up in the dictionary”?! Tkil
eesh — no. that’s all we’ll tell you. read the documentation. Tkil
eesh — if you haven’t man pages or perldoc, you can read them on the ‘net. Tkil
purl, perlfunc? purl
well, perlfunc is Perl builtin functions, at man perlfunc or http://perl.com/CPAN-local/doc/manual/html/pod/perlfunc.html


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