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a person who seeks information or entertainment on the ‘information superhighway’
Usage Note

computing slang


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  • Infopreneur

    [in-f-oh-pruh-nur, ‐noo r, ‐nyoo r] /ˌɪnˌf oʊ prəˈnɜr, ‐ˈnʊər, ‐ˈnyʊər/ noun 1. a person whose business is gathering, processing, and providing to advertising, marketing, and other firms. noun an entrepreneur or provider in information technology or online communications Usage Note computing slang

  • Infopreneurial

    /ˌɪnfəʊprəˈnɜːrɪəl/ adjective 1. of or relating to the manufacture or sales of electronic office or factory equipment designed to distribute information: an infopreneurial industry

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    1. Guaranteed to get or have, as in We’re in for a difficult time. [ Late 1500s ] 2. in for it. Certain to encounter trouble or punishment, as in When Harry finds out we left early, we’ll be in for it. [ Late 1600s ] 3. Involved or entered for some purpose, as in […]

  • Infinite distance

    infinite distance in·fi·nite distance (ĭn’fə-nĭt) n. A distance of 20 feet or more, at which light rays entering the eyes are practically parallel.

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