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Information algebra

Theoretical formalism for DP, never resulted in a language. Language Structure Group of CODASYL, ca. 1962. Sammet 1969, 709.


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  • Information appliance

    noun See Internet appliance hardware (IA) A consumer device that performs only a few targeted tasks and is controlled by a simple touch-screen interface or push buttons on the device’s enclosure. [How does this differ from a PDA?] (1998-02-24)

  • Information-architecture

    noun 1. the design and organization of an online resource, usually with regard to usability. noun 1. (computing) the practice of structuring information for particular purposes

  • Information broker

    noun a person or company providing information to clients for a fee Usage Note computing

  • Information builders

    Distributors of LEVEL5 OBJECT. Telephone +1 800 969 INFO.

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