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Information island

A body of information (i.e. electronic files) that needs to be shared but has no network connection.


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  • Information management

    The planning, budgeting, control and exploitation of the information resources in an organisation. The term encompasses both the information itself and the related aspects such as personnel, finance, marketing, organisation and technologies and systems. Information Managers are responsible for the coordination and integration of a wide range of information handling activities within the organisation. These […]

  • Information management system

    database (IMS, IMS/VS, IMS/ESA) A database system from IBM consisting of IMS/Data Base and IMS/Data Communications. (1999-01-11)

  • Information-overload

    noun, Psychology. 1. an excess of incoming information, as might confront a pedestrian on a crowded city street, that forces one to be selective in the information received and retained. noun an overwhelming feeling upon the receipt or collection of an indigestible or incomprehensible amount of information, the feeling of being faced with an amount […]

  • Information-processing

    noun 1. . noun 1. processing of information, especially the handling of information by computers in accordance with strictly defined systems of procedure. noun 1. noun 1. (computing) the combined processing of numerical data, graphics, text, etc noun the process of gathering, retrieval, storage, searching of informational data; also called data processing Usage Note computing […]

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