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Infraorbital artery

infraorbital artery in·fra·or·bit·al artery (ĭn’frə-ôr’bĭ-tl)
An artery with origin in the maxillary artery, with distribution to the upper canine and incisor teeth, the inferior rectus and inferior oblique muscles, the lower eyelid, lacrimal sac, and upper lip, and with anastomoses to the branches of the ophthalmic, facial, superior labial, transverse facial, and buccal arteries.


Read Also:

  • Infraorbital canal

    infraorbital canal n. A canal that runs beneath the orbital margin of the maxilla from the infraorbital groove to the infraorbital foramen and transmits the infraorbital artery and nerve.

  • Infraorbital foramen

    infraorbital foramen n. The external opening of the infraorbital canal on the front surface of the body of the maxilla.

  • Infraorbital nerve

    infraorbital nerve n. The continuation of the maxillary nerve into the eye socket, traversing the infraorbital canal to supply the upper incisors, canines, premolars, upper gums, lower eyelid and conjunctiva, and part of the nose and upper lip.

  • Infraorder

    infraorder (ĭn’frə-ôr’dər) A taxonomic category of related organisms ranking below a suborder and containing one or more families.

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