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[in-fyooz] /ɪnˈfyuz/

verb (used with object), infused, infusing.
to introduce, as if by pouring; cause to penetrate; instill (usually followed by into):
The energetic new principal infused new life into the school.
to imbue or inspire (usually followed by with):
The new coach infused the team with enthusiasm.
to steep or soak (leaves, bark, roots, etc.) in a liquid so as to extract the soluble properties or ingredients.
Obsolete. to pour in.
verb (used without object), infused, infusing.
to undergo ; become infused:
Leave the solution to infuse overnight.
(transitive) often foll by into. to instil or inculcate
(transitive) foll by with. to inspire; emotionally charge
to soak or be soaked in order to extract flavour or other properties
(rare) (foll by into) to pour

early 15c., “to pour in, introduce, soak,” from Latin infusus, past participle of infundere “to pour into,” from in- “in” (see in- (2)) + fundere “pour, spread” (see found (v.2)). Figurative sense of “instill, inspire” first recorded 1520s (infusion in this sense dates from mid-15c.). Related: Infused; infusing.

infuse in·fuse (ĭn-fyoōz’)
v. in·fused, in·fus·ing, in·fus·es


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