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Inhalation anesthesia

inhalation anesthesia n.
General anesthesia resulting from breathing of anesthetic gases or vapors.


Read Also:

  • Inhalation anesthetic

    inhalation anesthetic n. A gas or a vaporous liquid that produces general anesthesia when breathed.

  • Inhalation therapy

    inhalation therapy n. The therapeutic use of gases or of aerosols by inhalation.

  • Inhalator

    [in-huh-ley-ter] /ˈɪn həˌleɪ tər/ noun 1. an apparatus designed to mix carbon dioxide and oxygen, especially for use in artificial respiration. /ˈɪnhəˌleɪtə/ noun 1. another name for nebulizer inhalator in·ha·la·tor (ĭn’hə-lā’tər) n.

  • Inhale

    [in-heyl] /ɪnˈheɪl/ verb (used with object), inhaled, inhaling. 1. to breathe in; draw in by breathing: to inhale the polluted air. verb (used without object), inhaled, inhaling. 2. to breathe in, especially the smoke of cigarettes, cigars, etc.: Do you inhale when you smoke? /ɪnˈheɪl/ verb 1. to draw (breath) into the lungs; breathe in […]

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