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[in-er] /ˈɪn ər/

situated within or farther within; interior:
an inner door.
more intimate, private, or secret:
the inner workings of the organization.
of or relating to the mind or spirit; mental; spiritual:
the inner life.
not obvious; hidden or obscure:
an inner meaning.
adjective (prenominal)
being or located further inside: an inner room
happening or occurring inside: inner movement
relating to the soul, mind, spirit, etc: inner feelings
more profound or obscure; less apparent: the inner meaning
exclusive or private: inner regions of the party
(chem) (of a compound) having a cyclic structure formed or apparently formed by reaction of one functional group in a molecule with another group in the same molecule: an inner ester
(archery) Also called red


c.1400, from Old English inra, comp. of inne (adv.) “inside” (see in). Cf. Old High German innaro, German inner. An unusual evolution for a comparative, it has not been used with than since Middle English. Inner tube in the pneumatic tire sense is from 1894. Inner city, in reference to poverty and crime, is attested from 1968.


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  • Inner-automorphism

    noun, Mathematics. 1. an automorphism that maps an element x into an element of the form axa −1 where a −1 is the inverse of a.

  • Inner-bar

    noun, English Law. 1. a body of the King’s Counsel or Queen’s Counsel who sit and plead inside the dividing bar in the court, ranking above the junior counsel. noun 1. (Brit) all Queen’s or King’s Counsel collectively

  • Inner-barrister

    noun, English Law. 1. a barrister belonging to the inner bar.

  • Inner cell mass

    inner cell mass in·ner cell mass (ĭn’ər) n. The mass at the embryonic pole of the blastocyst concerned with the formation of the body of the embryo.

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