(Brit) not consisting of or being a quorum: this meeting is inquorate

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  • Inr

    1. India-rupee 2. International Normalized Ratio

  • Inradius

    [in-rey-dee-uh s] /ˈɪnˌreɪ di əs/ noun, plural inradii [in-rey-dee-ahy] /ˈɪnˌreɪ diˌaɪ/ (Show IPA), inradiuses. Geometry. 1. the of the circle inscribed a triangle.

  • In rare form

    adverb At one’s best: She’s in rare form after working 10 hours

  • In-re

    [in ree, rey] /ɪn ˈri, ˈreɪ/ preposition 1. in the matter of. /ɪn ˈreɪ/ preposition 1. in the matter of: used esp in bankruptcy proceedings

  • In reach

    Also, within reach. Within one’s means or powers or understanding. For example, The legatees were extremely greedy, taking whatever of their aunt’s came within reach, or Don’t price this item too high; it should be in reach of the average customer: This expression dates from the mid-1500s, as do the antonyms out of reach and […]

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