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Insertion element

(genetics) a section of DNA that is capable of becoming inserted into another chromosome See transposon


Read Also:

  • Insertion point

    noun in a computer graphics program, the point where the next character(s) typed will appear on the display Examples The insertion point is often indicated by a blinking vertical line.

  • Insertion sequence

    insertion sequence n. Any of several discrete DNA sequences that repeat at various sites on a bacterial chromosome, on certain plasmids, and on bacteriophages and that can move from one site to another on the chromosome, to another plasmid in the same bacterium, or to a bacteriophage.

  • Insertion sort

    algorithm A sorting algorithm that inserts each item in the proper place into an initially empty list by comparing it with each item in the list until it finds the new element’s successor or the end of the list. Compare bubble sort. (1997-02-12)

  • Inservice

    [in-sur-vis, in-sur-] /ɪnˈsɜr vɪs, ˈɪnˌsɜr-/ adjective 1. taking place while one is employed: an in-service training program. adjective 1. denoting training that is given to employees during the course of employment: an in-service course adj. also in-service, 1928, from in + service.

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