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[in-spek-ter-it] /ɪnˈspɛk tər ɪt/

the office or function of an .
a body of .
a district under an .
the office, rank, or duties of an inspector
a body of inspectors
a district under an inspector


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    [in-spek-ter] /ɪnˈspɛk tər/ noun 1. a person who . 2. an officer appointed to . 3. a police officer usually ranking next below a superintendent. /ɪnˈspɛktə/ noun 1. a person who inspects, esp an official who examines for compliance with regulations, standards, etc 2. a police officer ranking below a superintendent or chief inspector and […]

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    An organization, such as a government, labor union, or business, that makes investments, especially in stock and bond markets. Note: Institutional investors account for a majority of investments made in the United States.

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