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an electronic message sent in real time via the Internet and therefore immediately available for display on the recipient’s screen.
Compare .
verb (used without object)
to send such an electronic message.
Abbreviation: IM.
Compare (def 16).
noun, Digital Technology.
a system for exchanging typed electronic messages instantly via the Internet or a cellular network, using a shared software application on a personal computer or mobile device.
Abbreviation: IM.
a message sent using instant-messaging technology
to send an instant message (to)
(computing) the online facility that allows the instant exchange of written messages between two or more people using different computers or mobile phones Abbreviation IM

a computer application which allows for communications in real time, a live chat and email service
Usage Note

instant messaging (IM)

A computer communications program that allows people to send and receive typed messages very rapidly. It is often used for online “chats.”


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