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[in-sti-too-tiv, -tyoo-] /ˈɪn stɪˌtu tɪv, -ˌtyu-/

tending or intended to or establish.
concerned with instituting and establishing
established by custom or law


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  • Institutor

    [in-sti-too-ter, -tyoo-] /ˈɪn stɪˌtu tər, -ˌtyu-/ noun 1. a person who institutes or founds. 2. Protestant Episcopal Church. a person who institutes a minister into a parish or church.

  • In-store

    [stawr, stohr] /stɔr, stoʊr/ noun 1. an establishment where merchandise is sold, usually on a retail basis. 2. a grocery: We need bread and milk from the store. 3. a stall, room, floor, or building housing or suitable for housing a retail business. 4. a supply or stock of something, especially one for future use. […]

  • Instr.

    1. . 2. . 3. .

  • Instroke

    [in-strohk] /ˈɪnˌstroʊk/ noun 1. a , an inward direction. 2. (in an engine) the during which the piston moves into the cylinder.

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