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[in-suh-ley-tiv, ins-yuh-] /ˈɪn səˌleɪ tɪv, ˈɪns yə-/

serving to protect or :
glassware shipped in insulative packing.


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    [in-suh-ley-ter, ins-yuh-] /ˈɪn səˌleɪ tər, ˈɪns yə-/ noun 1. Electricity. 2. a person or thing that insulates. /ˈɪnsjʊˌleɪtə/ noun 1. any material or device that insulates, esp a material with a very low electrical conductivity or thermal conductivity or something made of such a material n. 1801, agent noun in Latin form from insulate. insulator […]

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    insulin-antagonizing factor n. See glycotropic factor.

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