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[in-ti-gruh-buh l] /ˈɪn tɪ grə bəl/

adjective, Mathematics.
capable of being , as a mathematical function or differential equation.


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  • Integral

    [in-ti-gruh l, in-teg-ruh l] /ˈɪn tɪ grəl, ɪnˈtɛg rəl/ adjective 1. of, relating to, or belonging as a part of the whole; constituent or component: integral parts. 2. necessary to the completeness of the whole: This point is integral to his plan. 3. consisting or composed of parts that together constitute a whole. 4. entire; […]

  • Integral-calculus

    noun 1. the branch of mathematics that deals with integrals, especially the methods of ascertaining indefinite integrals and applying them to the solution of differential equations and the determining of areas, volumes, and lengths. noun 1. the branch of calculus concerned with the determination of integrals and their application to the solution of differential equations, […]

  • Integral-curve

    noun, Mathematics. 1. a curve that is a geometric representation of a functional solution to a given differential equation.

  • Integral-equation

    noun, Mathematics. 1. an equation in which an integral involving a dependent variable appears.

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