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Integrated drive electronics

Advanced Technology Attachment


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  • Integrated-fire-control

    noun, Military. 1. an electronic system that locates and tracks a target, computes the data, and employs a weapon to destroy it.

  • Integrated information technology

    company (IIT) A Santa Clara based company producing a programmable, single chip H.261 and MPEG system. The chip contains a RISC processor, originally based on the MIPS architecture but now called RISCit, and a “Pixel Processor”. (1994-11-03)

  • Integrated-optics

    noun 1. an assembly of miniature optical elements of a size comparable to those used in electronic integrated circuits.

  • Integrated-pest-management

    noun, Agriculture. 1. an ecological approach to pest management that combines understanding the causes of pest outbreaks, manipulating the crop ecosystem for pest control, and monitoring pest populations and their life cycles to determine if and when the use of pesticides is indicated. Abbreviation: IPM.

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