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[in-ter-uh-mer-i-kuh n] /ˌɪn tər əˈmɛr ɪ kən/

of or relating to some or all of the countries of North, Central, and South America.


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  • Interannual

    [an-yoo-uh l] /ˈæn yu əl/ adjective 1. of, for, or pertaining to a year; yearly: annual salary. 2. occurring or returning once a year: an annual celebration. 3. Botany. living only one growing season, as beans or corn. 4. performed or executed during a year: the annual course of the sun. 5. Entomology. living or […]

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    interarch distance in·ter·arch distance (ĭn’tər-ärch’) n. The vertical distance between the maxillary and mandibular arches under specific conditions of vertical dimensions.

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    interarticular cartilage n. See articular disk.

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