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[in-ter-lahyn] /ˌɪn tərˈlaɪn/

verb (used with object), interlined, interlining.
to write or insert (words, phrases, etc.) between the of writing or print.
to mark or inscribe (a document, book, etc.) between the lines.
to transfer (freight) from one carrier to another in the course of shipment.
verb (used without object), interlined, interlining.
to transfer freight from one carrier to another in the course of shipment.
involving or indicating a transfer of passengers or freight from one carrier to another during travel or shipment:
interline flights.
of or relating to transactions between competing carriers, especially airlines, by which passengers, baggage, and freight are transferred from one carrier to another using only one ticket or one check-in procedure from departure point to destination.
[in-ter-lahyn] /ˈɪn tərˌlaɪn/
verb (used with object), interlined, interlining.
to provide (a garment) with an .
(transitive) to write or print (matter) between the lines of (a text, book, etc)
(transitive) to provide (a part of a garment, such as a collar or cuff) with a second lining, esp of stiffened material

c.1400, “make corrections or insertions between the lines of (a document),” from inter- + line; perhaps modeled on Medieval Latin interlineare. Related: Interlined; interlining.


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