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An Interlisp with shallow binding.


Read Also:

  • Interlisp-d

    Xerox’s Interlisp with deep binding.

  • Interlobar artery

    interlobar artery in·ter·lo·bar artery (ĭn’tər-lō’bər, -bär’) n. Any of the branches of segmental arteries of the kidney that run between the renal lobes and give rise to the arcuate arteries.

  • Interlobar duct

    interlobar duct n. One of the ducts draining the secretion of the lobe of a gland and formed by the junction of several interlobular ducts.

  • Interlobar vein of kidney

    interlobar vein of kidney n. Any of the veins that parallel the interlobar arteries, receive blood from the arcuate veins, and terminate in the renal vein.

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