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an intermediate level of healthcare for chronically ill, disabled, or elderly people, especially in a facility for this purpose.
a level of nursing care that is supervised by physicians or a registered nurse, intermediate between intensive and basic care.


Read Also:

  • Intermediate-care-facility

    noun 1. a medical facility specifically providing care for chronically ill, disabled, or elderly people. noun 1. (US) a medical facility that provides institutional health care services but not to the degree of those provided by a hospital ICF

  • Intermediate cephalic vein

    intermediate cephalic vein n. The lateral branch of the intermediate antebrachial vein that joins the cephalic vein near the elbow.

  • Intermediate code

    intermediate language

  • Intermediate cubital vein

    intermediate cubital vein n. A vein that passes across the bend of the elbow from the cephalic vein to the basilic vein.

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