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Intermittent explosive disorder

intermittent explosive disorder n.
A disorder of impulse control characterized by several episodes in which aggressive impulses are released and expressed in serious assault or destruction of property although no such impulsiveness or aggressiveness is shown between episodes.


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  • Intermittent-fever

    noun, Pathology. 1. a malarial fever in which feverish periods lasting a few hours alternate with periods in which the temperature is normal. 2. any fever characterized by intervals of normal temperature. noun 1. any fever, such as malaria, characterized by intervals of periodic remission

  • Interlobular pleurisy

    interlobular pleurisy n. Pleurisy that is limited to the sulci between the pulmonary lobes.

  • Interlobular emphysema

    interlobular emphysema n. Interstitial emphysema in the connective tissue septa between the pulmonary lobules.

  • Interlobular duct

    interlobular duct n. One of the ducts leading from a lobule of a gland and formed by the junction of several intercalated ducts.

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