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[muhs-kyuh-ler] /ˈmʌs kyə lər/

of or relating to or the :
muscular strain.
dependent on or affected by the :
muscular strength.
having well-developed ; brawny.
vigorously and forcefully expressed, executed, performed, etc., as if by the use of a great deal of muscular power:
a muscular response to terrorism.
broad and energetic, especially with the implication that subtlety and grace are lacking:
a muscular style.
reflected in physical activity and work:
a muscular religion.
Informal. having or showing power; powerful:
a muscular vehicle.
having well-developed muscles; brawny
of, relating to, or consisting of muscle

1680s, “pertaining to muscles,” from Latin musculus (see muscle (n.)) + -ar. Earlier in same sense was musculous (early 15c.). Meaning “having well-developed muscles” is from 1736. Muscular Christianity (1857) is originally in reference to philosophy of Anglican clergyman and novelist Charles Kingsley (1819-1875). Muscular dystrophy attested from 1886.

muscular mus·cu·lar (mŭs’kyə-lər)


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