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Internal secretion

(physiol) a secretion, esp a hormone, that is absorbed directly into the blood

internal secretion n.
A secretion that is produced by an endocrine gland and discharged directly into the bloodstream; a hormone.


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  • Internal spermatic artery

    internal spermatic artery n. See testicular artery.

  • Internal sphincter muscle of anus

    internal sphincter muscle of anus n. A smooth muscle ring formed by an increase of the circular fibers of the rectum, situated at the upper end of the anal canal.

  • Internal-stress

    noun 1. (in metal or glass pieces, or the like) a stress existing within the material as a result of thermal changes, having been worked, or irregularity of molecular structure.

  • Internal thoracic vein

    internal thoracic vein n. Either of usually two veins that accompany each internal thoracic artery, fusing together at the upper part of the chest and emptying into the brachiocephalic vein.

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