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[in-tur-nl] /ɪnˈtɜr nl/

situated or existing in the interior of something; interior.
of, relating to, or noting the inside or inner part.
Pharmacology. (def 4).
existing, occurring, or found within the limits or scope of something; intrinsic:
a theory having internal logic.
of or relating to the domestic affairs of a country:
the internal politics of a nation.
existing solely within the individual mind:
internal malaise.
coming from, produced, or motivated by the psyche or inner recesses of the mind; subjective:
an internal response.
Anatomy, Zoology. inner; not superficial; away from the surface or next to the axis of the body or of a part:
the internal carotid artery.
present or occurring within an organism or one of its parts:
an internal organ.
Usually, internals. entrails; innards.
an inner or intrinsic attribute.
of, situated on, or suitable for the inside; inner
coming or acting from within; interior
involving the spiritual or mental life; subjective
of or involving a nation’s domestic as opposed to foreign affairs
(education) denoting assessment by examiners who are employed at the candidate’s place of study
situated within, affecting, or relating to the inside of the body
a medical examination of the vagina, uterus, or rectum

early 15c., from Medieval Latin internalis, from Latin internus “within, inward, internal,” figuratively “domestic,” expanded from pre-Latin *interos, *interus “on the inside, inward,” from PIE *en-ter- (cf. Old Church Slavonic anter, Sanskrit antar “within, between,” Old High German unter “between,” and the “down” sense of Old English under); suffixed (comparative) form of *en “in” (see in). Meaning “of or pertaining to the domestic affairs of a country (e.g. internal revenue) is from 1795. Internal combustion first recorded 1884. Related: Internally.

internal in·ter·nal (ĭn-tûr’nəl)

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