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[in-ter-nash-uh-nl-ahyz] /ˌɪn tərˈnæʃ ə nlˌaɪz/

verb (used with object), internationalized, internationalizing.
to make , as in scope or character:
a local conflict that was internationalized into a major war.
to place or bring under control.
verb (used without object), internationalized, internationalizing.
to become :
The automobile company must internationalize in order to meet the competition.
verb (transitive)
to make international
to put under international control


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  • International joint commission

    noun 1. a joint US–Canadian federal government agency set up in 1909 to oversee the management of shared water resources (esp the Great Lakes–St Lawrence River system)

  • International-labor-organization

    noun 1. a specialized agency of the United Nations working through member nations to improve working conditions throughout the world; originally an affiliate of the League of Nations: Nobel Peace Prize 1969. Abbreviation: ILO, I.L.O.

  • International labour organisation

    noun 1. a special agency of the United Nations responsible for research and recommendations in the field of labour conditions and practices: founded in 1919 in affiliation to the League of Nations ILO

  • International-law

    noun 1. the body of rules that nations generally recognize as binding in their conduct toward one another. noun 1. the body of rules generally recognized by civilized nations as governing their conduct towards each other and towards each other’s subjects A body of rules and principles that govern the relations among nations. (See Geneva […]

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