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Internet address

IP address

(Note lower case “i”). An IP address that uniquely identifies a node on an internet.
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  • Internet appliance

    noun a handheld computer for accessing the Internet and possibly email or telephone communication; also called information appliance , [smart appliance], Web appliance Usage Note computing

  • Internet architecture board

    (IAB) The technical body that oversees the development of the Internet suite of protocols. It has two task forces: the Internet Engineering Task Force and the Internet Research Task Force. “IAB” previously stood for Internet Activities Board. (1994-12-06)

  • Internet assigned numbers authority

    body, networking (IANA) The central registry for various “assigned numbers”: Internet Protocol parameters, such as port, protocol, and enterprise numbers; and options, codes, and types. The currently assigned values are listed in the “Assigned Numbers” document STD 2. To request a number assignment, e-mail . (1994-12-06)

  • Internet backbone

    communications, networking High-speed networks that carry Internet traffic. These communications networks are provided by companies such as AT&T, GTE, IBM, MCI, Netcom, Sprint, UUNET and consist of high-speed links in the T1, T3, OC1 and OC3 ranges. The backbones carry Internet traffic around the world and meet at Network Access Points (NAPs). Internet Service Providers […]

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