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Internet telephony service providers

(ITSP) Companies providing IP Telephony.


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  • Internet time

    noun a catch phrase suggesting that things move faster because of technology; a time of fast-moving developments; also, a proposed time system for the Internet dividing a day into 1,000 units Word Origin the latter definition was proposed by the Swatch Corporation

  • Internetwork

    [in-ter-net-wurk] /ˌɪn tərˈnɛtˌwɜrk/ noun 1. two or more computer networks connected by routers, bridges, etc.: The Internet is the largest internetwork.

  • Internetworked

    adjective interconnected, esp. through a network(s) Usage Note computing

  • Internetworking

    The interconnection of two or more networks, usually local area networks so that data can pass between hosts on the different networks as though they were one network. This requires some kind of router or gateway. (1994-11-30)

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