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[in-ter-noo r-on, -nyoo r-] /ˌɪn tərˈnʊər ɒn, -ˈnyʊər-/

noun, Cell Biology.
any having its cell body, axon, and dendrites entirely within the central nervous system, especially one that conveys impulses between a and a .
(physiol) any neuron that connects afferent and efferent neurons in a reflex arc Also called internuncial neuron

1939, from internuncial + neuron.

interneuron in·ter·neu·ron (ĭn’tər-nur’ŏn’, -nyur’-)
A nerve cell found entirely within the central nervous system that acts as a link between sensory neurons and motor neurons.
in’ter·neu’ro·nal (-nur’ə-nəl, -nyur’-, -nu-rō’-, -nyu-) adj.


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