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[in-ter-os-kyuh-leyt] /ˌɪn tərˈɒs kyəˌleɪt/

verb (used without object), interosculated, interosculating.
to interpenetrate; inosculate.
to form a connecting link.
(rare) (intransitive) (biology) (of two different species or groups of organisms) to share certain characteristics


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  • Interosseous

    [os-ee-uh s] /ˈɒs i əs/ adjective 1. composed of, containing, or resembling bone; bony. /ˈɒsɪəs/ adjective 1. consisting of or containing bone, bony adj. “bony,” early 15c., from Medieval Latin ossous, from Latin osseus “bony, of bone,” from os (genitive ossis) “bone,” from PIE *ost- “bone” (cf. Sanskrit asthi, Hittite hashtai-, Greek osteon “bone,” Greek […]

  • Interosseous artery

    interosseous artery in·ter·os·se·ous artery (ĭn’tər-ŏs’ē-əs) n.

  • Interosseous cartilage

    interosseous cartilage n. See connecting cartilage.

  • Interosseous nerve of leg

    interosseous nerve of leg n. A nerve branching off from one of the muscular branches of the tibial nerve and passing down over the posterior surface of the interosseous membrane, supplying it and the two bones of the leg.

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