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[in-ter-pohz] /ˌɪn tərˈpoʊz/

verb (used with object), interposed, interposing.
to place between; cause to intervene:
to interpose an opaque body between a light and the eye.
to put (a barrier, obstacle, etc.) between or in the way of.
to put in (a remark, question, etc.) in the midst of a conversation, discourse, or the like.
to bring (influence, action, etc.) to bear between parties, or on behalf of a party or person.
verb (used without object), interposed, interposing.
to come between other things; assume an intervening position or relation.
to step in between parties at variance; mediate.
to put in or make a remark by way of interruption.
to put or place between or among other things
to introduce (comments, questions, etc) into a speech or conversation; interject
to exert or use power, influence, or action in order to alter or intervene in (a situation)

1590s, from Middle French interposer (14c.), from inter- (see inter-) + poser (see pose (v.1)). Related: Interposed; interposing.


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